Automatische weegsystemen
Automats of weighing : DPN  - REFACOM


DPN : ELECTRONIC WEIGHING BELT SYSTEM for a great variety of sizes. Designed and manufactured to meet a great variety of dosing needs in terms of different sizes. The system includes: • n. 2 transport belts (coarse and fine feed) complete with PVC band and side guide to contain the product • adjustable speed through digital inverter • weighing tray with electronic load cell and pneumatic unloading system • support frame in welded and reinforced steel Unloading hopper in painted steel per ease the product floating equipped with counter-flange eventually complete with bottom edge for the sack introduction. Loading hopper in painted steel. Supplied as an independent unit or together with heat-sealers and automatic packaging machines for bags and trays. Head scale control system WS/2000 to manage all the functions of the scale. Friendly control panel thanks to an easy software. 99 different menu can be load in the memory Large LCD display Compact sizes Pre settable or manual auto tare Settings of “in flight” time, loading and unloading time, and N° of cycles. ¨ Max weighing 15 Kg / min. weighing 500 gr. Adjustement of the vibrating conveyors intensity through potentiometer.

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