Automatische weegsystemen
Automats of weighing : DPN25  - REFACOM


DPN : ELECTRONIC WEIGHING BELT SYSTEM for heavy duty packs Electronic weighing belt system for heavy duty packs. 1 feeding belt for coarse and fine feed. Supplied as an independent unit or together with heat-sealers and automatic packaging machines for bags and trays. The system includes: • Feeding belt complete with PVC band and side guide to contain the product • Adjustable speed through digital inverter • Weighing tray with electronic load cell and pneumatic unloading system • Support frame in welded and reinforced steel • Maximum capacity product level detector Electronic control boards WS 2000 complete with setting menu with a limited number of functions, which eases its use: • 99 different menu can be load in the memory • Large LCD display • Compact sizes • Pre settable or manual auto tare • Settings of “in flight” time, unloading time, assestamento, ripartenza, and N° of autozero cycles • Max. weight: 25 Kg. • Min. weight: 3 Kg. Unloading hopper in painted steel per ease the product floating equipped with counter-flange eventually complete with bottom edge for the sack introduction. Loading hopper in painted steel Applications: grain products. Accessories: Maximum capacity product level detector.

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