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Anubex is een Belgisch IT-bedrijf dat zich specialiseert in geautomatiseerde migratie van legacytsystemen naar targetsystemen. Het bedrijf realiseert onder meer het converteren van software aan de hand van een roadbook Cobol, functionele testen, en IT administration. “Anubex is a software company providing core tools, know-how, and support for mainframe modernization and migration projects worldwide. The company is the market leader for automated legacy migrations providing highly automated and proven solutions, while also offering a landing platform, that supports complex projects ranging from modernizing on the mainframe to migrating to the cloud. With over 25 years of experience, demonstrated solutions and high-performing software tools, the company helps enterprises and government organizations boost their innovation capacity, competitiveness and agility by accelerating their digital transformation. Anubex has a broad technological coverage in the IBM z/OS market space with migration solutions for legacy environments, such as IDMS, Adabas-Natural, COBOLCICS, but also for UNIX/Linux/Windows with COBOL. The automated conversion and testing tools combined with the company’s own methodology “Migratonomy” make Anubex a key player and one of the most competitive and reliable migration companies in the world.

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Bridging the digital gap with CobolBridge

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Many leaders are convinced by now that they have to move their core business systems away from COBOL sooner rather than later. CobolBridge is Anubex' newest solution that allows these organizations to combine maintaining COBOL code with executing Java/C#. In other words, it equips IT teams with the right tools to benefit from the advantages of a modern and open platform like Java or .NET, while developers have the option to keep using the COBOL they know so well. This makes it possible for developers to transition to Object-Oriented languages such as Java or C# gradually over time, for example, team by team. Find the modernization solution best suited to your platform, strategy, goals, and needs. Learn more about CobolBridge.


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    11 – 50


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    Hoofdkantoor – Moederbedrijf
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    Fabrikant/ Producent
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