G-Bloc is the better pallet block, the first pallet block to be composed out of 100% of post-consumer wood waste.
The block is produced in a high-tech environment specifically designed to save energy. The perfect example of the circular economy in practice!

Why G-Bloc?
Natural solid wood is a scarce resource that merits being reserved for valuable uses in a circular world. When applied as a pallet block, however, natural wood doesn´t last long in the chain. The G-Bloc therefore makes use exclusively of 100% post-consumer waste wood. In other words, it gives a second life (and a third, and a fourth ...) to natural wood and can in turn be recycled again without problems. A perfect example of the circular economy in practice - developed and manufactured in a high-tech environment designed to save energy! The G-Bloc and its creator Geldof Recycling have already been distinguished with the Innovation Award from the umbrella association Go4Circle.

What makes G-Bloc so unique?
The G-Bloc didn´t just fall from the sky - it was developed thanks to the passion and craftsmanship of Geldof Recycling. In order to make full use of its recycled wood waste, the company itself came up with a new purpose for it: the production of a high-quality pallet block from 100% post-consumer wood waste. Its more than twenty years of experience in the recycling of wood that already has a full service life behind it forms the basis for the superior quality of the G-Bloc pallet blocks.

Aanvullende informatie

Belangrijke cijfers
  • 11 – 50
  • 75%
    % omzet in de export
  • Jaar van oprichting 2016
  • Bedrijfsvorm Bedrijfsvorm Hoofdkantoor
  • Hoofdactiviteit Hoofdactiviteit Fabrikant/ Producent
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Commerciële informatie

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  • Pallets
  • Pallet blocs
  • Presswood blocs
  • wood
  • hout
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