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Structured vinyl wallcoverings


Haute Couture on your walls with Heritage Wouldn’t you like to live in an inspirational environment? The new Heritage wallpaper collection spices up your walls with haute couture. Distinguished embellishment in gold, silver, bronze or copper adds an extra artistic dimension to any room. Heritage is all about timeless eye-catchers. You can gaze for hours and hours at these wallcoverings and still be inspired by them. If you’re looking for an added boost, this artistic wallpaper is the answer. Heritage is created using a special foil technique applied in different layers. The first layer is made out of copper or aluminum. Then a thick sheet with gold or silver is applied on top of that. The final step in the process? Printing the layers with warm, striking colors. The result is a wallcovering with embossed patterns. Bronze, gold, silver and copper become tasteful, vintage embellishments. Interested in this artistic eye-catcher?