Independent Energy Storage/Suply - Off-grid Concept for Independent Power Supply Systems IPS 20’ft Energyie opslag



IPS- Container Skills and Norm:                ISO Standard 20’ high quality IPS configuration Rated capacitance:                                                                W=1.000kWh Max. usage of tranfer energy per day                                    2.000 kWh/d Gross storage volume Capacity per 20’Container min.       34,91kWh/m3 Net Storage volume per 20’container min.                            31,50kWh/m3  Battery concept  Lithium                   LiFeMnPo4 / 19inch units / 192 pieces per 20’IPS container Net. Capacity          5kWh x 192 =                    1.000kWh Product guaranty:   10 years  PV Connecting Power per 20’ container  For direct connectivity of max. 500 kWp solar generator of each container  Solar panels  1.724 Modules a 290Wp = 500kW/20’