Productbeschrijving The pipe rotator is designed and produced specially according to characteristic of pipe welding. It adopts the characteristic from the similar pipe welding method. It is a professional pipe welding machine with fixing, positioning and overturning. It has high efficiency in running and operation comparing with the similar pipe welding machine. The pressing rollers move up and down to make adjusting by driving of screw elevating system, power is supplied through motor-reducer-chain this process. Its controlling way is achieved through spot control; also it is with elevating position limit, which is safe and reliable in operation. And the pressing roller is with micro adjusting system, you can use manual adjusting to get right position, so as to protect the pipe with small thickness become deformed when pressing. The overturning system adopts gear driving, and power is output by motor with speed reducer of big reducing ratio which makes the turning comparatively safe


Laadcapaciteit 2T
Diameter (mm) 60-600
Draaihoek +/- 45
Kantelen motorvermogen 0.75KW
Lineaire snelheid 120-1200 mm/min
Snelheidsinstelling Traploze frequentie gestuurde schakelkast

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