PARHELIA B.V. Nederland

Legacy and Obsolete Solutions

A valuable partner to source and repair Legacy and Obsolete products


Customers who still have a demand for older EOL and obsolete products have discovered Parhelia B.V. as a valuable partner to source and repair these products. On the other hand Parhelia B.V. also assists customers to sell their excess stock to demanding customers. In any case if you are searching for legacy products (used, refurbished or new) or if you have excess stock you want to sell, feel free to give us a call or send an email using the contact form on this website. As an example. the following legacy products (various versions) have been successfully sourced and/or repaired for our customers: AVME9471, MBX860, MVME025, MVME105, MVME133, MVME147, MVME1600, MVME162, MVME167, MVME172, MVME177, MVME187, MVME197, MVME2300, MVME2400, MVME2700, MVME332XTS, MVME335, MVME5100, MVME51105E, MVME5500, MVME55006E, MVME6100, PMC421, PrPMC750, PrPMC280, PrPMC800, VME330B, VME330, MVME854, PATX3000, PATX3070, PowerCore6750, Tape Drives, Hard Disks, Systems and many other parts.

Computeronderhoud - middelgrote en grote systemen
  • Legacy hardware
  • Obsolete hardware
  • Repair
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