Sales & Demand Forecasting - Inventory Optimization


SupplySquare is partner of Smart Software, the innovative leader in enterprise demand forecasting, planning, and inventory optimization. Our SmartForecasts® solutions help companies worldwide manage the future of their business. You can increase forecast accuracy, reduce inventory levels, improve customer service, take control of your supply chain, and save millions of dollars annually — because with Smart Software, you See What’s Next! ​The modern marketplace is volatile and always changing. SKU proliferation is on the rise, supply chains have gotten longer, lead times less predictable, and demand patterns more intermittent and less forecastable. Yet most organizations have continued to rely on spreadsheets or ERP provided solutions that fall well short of meeting the business needs of the modern supply chain.

Managementsoftware voor ondernemingen
  • Forecasting Software
  • Inventory Optimization
  • Demand Planning
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