Temptation - Floral suede effect Wallcoverings



Temptation : 70 cm wide floral collection printed on best non-woven. Effects with overprinted structured vinyl. Again something very new in the AV Design Studio offer. The collection comprises Temptation has a perfectly executed range of flower designs in a new interpretation. The collection comprises eight confident wallpaper designs in an array of over thirty beautiful options, all oozing with vivacity and sophistication. Drawing on original artwork, the wallpaper collection represents a mix of subtle silhouettes with an extravaganza on full-on colour and pattern. The mouth-watering palette of colours, judiciously enhanced by metallic, comes in a glorious array of shades. This collection contains quite a few surprises, it is focussed on being down-to-earth and suitable for every day. Exclusively and extravagantly. Modern plains with outstanding structures turns out to be a perfect eye catcher for every room.