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non woven contemporary wallcoverings


Xplosion, wallcovering for the brain Xplosion is all about geometric shapes and sizes. Understanding geometry requires both sides of your brain: the technical left side and creative right side. By applying geometry, you learn to think outside the box. This wallcovering helps to stimulate your creative ideas and logical thinking. Pretty cool when wallpaper can do all that, right? You may think that this wallpaper would be perfect hanging in your working space. Well, it would be, but you can also be inspired in other environments. You can use it in rooms in your house or any other space. The ‘soothing’ colors, such as beige, sandy grey and warm grey, ensure a feeling of cosines. With Xplosion, what you see is what you get: dazzling quality at a nice price. This collection truly is the beating heart of our company. Wallpapers with geometric designs are how Atlas Wallcoverings began. Ready for an Xplosion?