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Cinnamon almonds

Crunchy almonds with a chunky cinnamon coating
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We coat almonds in various varieties, such as wholes (natural and blanched), diced, slivered, etc., Almonds can be coated with one of our base flavours: honey, caramelised, cinnamon, maple, vanilla or gingerbread. To spice up your favourite flavour, we can add some delicious natural herbs and/or spices, like: Celtic sea salt, chili, garlic, pepper, coco, fennel or your own favourite herb/spice. All coated almonds are perfect as a snack or as an ingredient in a wide variety of applications such as ice cream, cereals, chocolate, energy bars, nougat, bakery products, salad/vegetable topping, etc.

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  • amandelen
  • honey coated nuts
  • Snacks

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3911 TR Rhenen - Nederland



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