Are you starting a business in the Netherlands, but don't have enough knowledge about the countries law, infrastructure etc? This can be quite off-putting. It makes the decision to start something new a lot harder to get your head around, and can reduce your confidence in getting started.

It would be nice to be abroad and have the same support as in the office back home, right? Thankfully, with VAWorks, that is easily possible.

With my help, you can focus on the core business and have an assistant who provides you with the support you need. From dealing with clients who don’t speak your own language to helping you settle into the culture of the Netherlands, I can assist.

Someone who speaks the language, knows the culture, infrastructure etc. can be priceless to a business: especially a new-start.

As an experienced and credible Virtual Assistant, I can support you in the Netherlands. Before you arrive, I can start with making arrangements with the help of your assistant, should you have one. If not, we can work together to put in place the perfect plan of action. When you are here, I can provide the support you need. And when you have gone, I can work things out that you have started, and keep in contact with your partners.

Productivity does not have to start and end at home – with my assistance, it’s definitely possible.

Aanvullende informatie

Belangrijke cijfers
  • 1 – 10
  • Jaar van oprichting 2016
  • Bedrijfsvorm Bedrijfsvorm Hoofdkantoor, Moederbedrijf
  • Hoofdactiviteit Hoofdactiviteit Dienstverlener
Markten en uitwisselingszones

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Commerciële informatie

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Soort activiteit

Trefwoorden die met dit bedrijf samenhangen
  • Secretariaat - outsourcing
  • management ondersteuning
  • virtueel assistent
  • internationale ondersteuning
  • Assistentie IT-projectmanagement
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